Pricing & FAQs

1. Is there a charge for each course? 
No, Linkonlearning provides access to all the subjects for a small monthly fee.  The program costs $34.95 per month per student. If you are registering more than 1 student, family and school discounts are available.

2. What subjects are offered? 
Linkonlearning offers study in Math, Spelling, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, History, Geography, Social Studies and Science.

3. How is the starting level determined? 
The Linkonlearning system is diagnostic and assessment based. When students sign in to the online classroom, they complete lessons on the system in each subject area. Based on their scores, grade and learning levels are adjusted to meet each individual child's needs.

4. How long does the initial assessment of a child take? 
Because children have good days and bad days, Linkonlearning does on-going assessment. Diagnostics are real-time and can be accessed by parents and teachers instantly. However, to get an accurate overall picture of a students strengths and weaknesses usually takes about 30 days.

5. How much content can my child cover in one month? 
There is no limit on the number of lessons that a student is allowed to complete. In addition all lessons may be redone until the subject matter is absorbed.

6. Are the lessons up to current educational standards? 
Linkonlearning has developed its curriculum to meet or exceed current educational standards. All content has been developed by certified teachers from across North America.

7. What if my child struggles in one subject, but excels in others? 
Each child is given a unique learning plan. For example, a student can be registered for grade 4 math at the beginner level, grade 6 science intermediate, and grade 5 advanced for the rest of the subjects.

8. How do I get started? 
Students must be registered by a parent, teacher, or guardian. Guardians begin the registration process by signing up online which will give them access to selecting a membership plan, registering students, and receiving help from an education specialist.

9. Do you accept International students? 
There are kids using Linkonlearning in from all over the world.

10. How many students have graduated? 
The Linkonlearning Scientific Research and Development team has created a system to increase rates helping more students graduate successfully. Linkonlearning offers various programs and has had thousands of students graduate.

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What People Are Saying

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  • Just a quick note to say I think Linkonlearning is a great resource. I've been passing on the word. Wishing you continued success.

    R. Felio, Parent