Special Needs

The Linkonlearning application was designed by educators with a true focus on special needs learning. During the initial phase of design we looked at the areas and needs of these children and have incorporated sound and interactivity at three levels of learning to allow each child to achieve their full potential.

Linkonlearning recognizes children have different learning styles. Our fully interactive and auditory lessons provide special needs children with the opportunity to improve grades, demonstrate ability and become more comfortable with today's technology. Linkonlearning’s program is a proven way to increase the aptitude of children with learning disabilities.

Within the Linkonlearning system we provide you with an automated reading program that has over 200 books online for your child to read, listen to and answer comprehensive questions to build their vocabulary. We also offer all course content both visually and audibly to allow each student a phonetic learning environment.

At Linkonlearning we have developed the site with the special needs children in mind and we offer a sound environment for learning potential. Our auditory and visual site gives the nurturing environment a child needs to build their self esteem and target skills critical to helping the child maximize their potential.