Kindergarten - Grade 8
Online learning for kids

Access the vitual classroom anywhere, anytime


Each student is given access to the virtual classroom. In the virtual classroom students complete lessons based on their grade and learning levels. This approach allows each student to have a customized learning plan. The grade and learning level can be adjusted for each subject to meet the student’s individualized needs. Each student has their own online report card, as well as access to the online recess and library areas with hundreds of online books and activities.

Core curriculum includes Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Geography and Science.

Online Discussions

Safe moderated discussions to let students interact with other students. 

Progress Reports

Detailed real-time reporting on student progress.

Virtual Classroom

Students login to the virtual classroom to complete lessons.

Online Library

Enjoy hundreds of online books categroized by reading level.

Everything you need to help kids learn online

What's Included

  • 24/7 Student Access
    Each student is given a login to the virtual classroom, library, and progress report.
  • Student Management
    Parents, teachers and tutors can access real-time reports to help determine each student's strenghts and weaknesses.
  • Customized Learning Plans
    Grade and learning levels can be adjusted by subject to create a customized learning plan for each student.
  • 10,000+ Lessons
    Thousands of lessons spread over nine subjects and ten grade levels, junior kindergarten to grade 8.
  • Core Subjects
    Courses in core subjects including Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Geography and Science.
  • The Perfect Option for Home Schooling

    Linkonlearning will help your child learn online and at home with the same curriculum at their fingertips they would have in school. With our Internet-based education program, your children will become scholastically successful and have fun at the same time! Our revolutionary program offers courses that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the world. This allows your child to learn anywhere, anytime.

  • Education On Your Terms

    In today's demanding and complex world, there are many reasons to consider home schooling. Our revolutionary program has been developed by teachers across North America. It meets curriculum standards and is available via the Internet anytime, anywhere in the world, whenever your child is ready to learn.

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What People Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it. See what students, parents, teachers, and school administrators have to say.

  • "Just a quick note to say I think Linkonlearning is a great resource. I've been passing on the word. Wishing you continued success."

    R. Felio, Parent
  • Linkonlearning has helped increase Devon's confidence and enjoyment of learning. He is now testing at grade level with the school district. Thank you so much.

    Malcom Rice, Parent
  • Thanks for all you are doing for online learning. We are looking forward to a great year with our students and thanks for your part in that.

    Mrs. Ann Cook (B.Ed., B.Sc.), Principal