World Maps & National Anthems
And other great resources

Students at Linkonlearning have access to so many great resources, including online books, encyclopedic maps and tutorials.  The resources available depend on the program, grade and course.  Below are some examples of what you might find available in the online classrrom and library areas.

World National Anthems

Linkonlearning students have access to interactive maps which include population information and statistics, national flags and anthems.

Canadian Official Provincial and Territory Symbols

When you visit the map of Canada, you can choose a province view the provincial symbols including the provincial flag, coat of arms, and flower.

United States Official State Symbols

When you visit the map of the United States, you can choose the state that you wish to view the Official State Symbols for, along with the lyrics for the State Song. State symbols include the state flag, seal, flower, quarter and bird.