Education Philosophy

Today’s children are growing up in a technological era filled with huge possibilities for a better future. Information technology and more specifically, Internet technology are transforming the character of life and work. At Linkonlearning, we believe that education is the Internet’s true purpose. Our program harnesses children’s fascination with technology and fuses it with education. By combining curriculum with sound, images, and interactive lessons, we provide children with an exciting educational experience.

Basic Tenets
The Linkonlearning program is based on the following tenets:

1. Every child is unique.
One of the greatest discoveries parents make is the fascinating diversity of life. Not only are children different from their parents, but also no two children are alike. Each child is uncharted territory and every child brings to the world distinct, special qualities. Children possess their own characteristics, temperaments, interests, gifts, learning styles and unique blueprint for development.

2. Children should be allowed to learn at their own pace.
Since every child is different, with his or her own timetable for development and learning, children should be allowed to learn at their own pace. In terms of education, growth and achievement should be emphasized, not competition. Forcing a child to grind through a prescribed educational stage, whether she or he is ready or not, can leave a child disengaged, disheartened, disenchanted and, in some cases, left behind or held back.

3. Parents are the cornerstone of their child’s education.
Parents who are actively involved in their children’s learning help their children become more successful learners. According to United States Department of Educational Statistics, children exposed at an early age to reading and phonics by their parents are ten times more likely to graduate high school and complete at least one to two years in higher education.

Consistent parental involvement fosters achievement and emotional well-being. Study after study confirms the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education. When parents are involved in their children’s education, and show support of learning in the home, school and community, children do better and go further. A home environment that encourages learning is more important to student achievement than income, education level or cultural background.

4. Understanding a child’s development is key to his/ her success.
Understanding the stages of development can make parents an ally of their child’s success. Much has been written on the normal stages of human development, and it is essential for parents to be informed. That information helps parents to understand what to expect from their child, though it is important to keep in mind that time frames are averages and some children achieve developmental milestones earlier or later than the average but are still within the normal range.

Many factors are crucial to a child’s healthy development—positive social support from family and friends, positive experiences and good nutrition being three significant elements. Children need the support of people who will act as a buffer between them and life’s ups and downs, help make sense of life and serve as a protector of brain development. Since sensory input into the brain creates neural pathways, and lack of input results in pathways disappearing, parents should be very interested in creating happy, life-affirming experiences that nourish spirit, soul and body and result in a lifetime of well-being.

5. Fundamentals come first.
Education is the key to achievement and success. Linkonlearning has an extensive curriculum with courses in reading, writing, spelling, language arts, mathematics, arithmetic, science, history and geography. Moreover, Linkonlearning employs rote-learning methods as these methods, historically speaking, have been proven effective for the majority of learners. These traditional methodologies are combined with state-of-the-art technology providing unlimited opportunities to read and interact with the lessons. The lessons are effective for those with learning difficulties and advanced learners.

6. Learning can be fun and educational at the same time.
Learning can and should be fun, and not tedious and boring. Education should not have to compete with fun and entertainment. At Linkonlearning, technology has been fused with education in such a way that children often repeat a lesson because they enjoyed it so much. The library and recess area are packed full of activities that, as far as the children are concerned, are designed solely for their entertainment. The truth is, however, that they were designed to educate while entertaining.

7. Access to education should be equitable.
Education is fundamental to the success of an individual, a community and a nation. We believe, therefore, that access to education should be equitable. Every child deserves a solid education regardless of family circumstance. Linkonlearning strives to keep the cost of its programming affordable so all students can develop a sound foundation for future learning.

“We partner with parents in their children’s education. For our part, we provide outstanding lessons, a caring and supportive staff, and a safe, fun and interactive learning environment.”