Ontario’s First Online, Private Elementary School


NEWMARKET, Ontario (December 9, 2002)–Linkonlearning Inc., is pleased to announce it is the first private, online, elementary school in Ontario to offer children from JK to Grade 8 an Internet-based education.

“I was thrilled when the Ministry of Education recognized us as a private school. We’re like any other school. We have a principal, teachers write our lessons, and students take tests. The major difference is that the school bell never rings!” said founder Janice Frohlich.

Linkonlearning is available twenty-four hours a day, offering over 10,000 lessons, spread over nine courses and three levels. Each lesson is fully interactive and auditory in order to accommodate students’ different learning styles. Lessons are aligned with provincial goals and standards, and written by certified teachers in the following curriculum areas: Language Arts, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, History and Geography.

The school allows parents to customize their child’s education, by enrolling them in the appropriate grade and level in each subject – making the difference between a child struggling and excelling academically. In addition, instead of receiving a report card every few months, Linkonlearning allows parents to look at specific information regarding their child’s development on a day-to-day basis.

“Whether a child is enrolled in our school full-time or uses Linkonlearning as a private tutor, parents will gain a greater understanding of their child’s learning strengths and weaknesses,” said Frohlich.

This understanding combined with allowing children to learn at their own pace, is the basis of Linkonlearning’s formula for academic success. The school’s program is ideal for children who are home schooled, need tutoring in specific courses, or those who need extra help or additional educational challenges.

Linkonlearning is accepting new students as of December 9, 2002.

Linkonlearning Inc.

Linkonlearning’s (www.linkonlearning.com) online program offers curriculum-based education for children from JK to Grade 8. A certified school in Ontario since October 2002, Linkonlearning helps teachers and primary caregivers to invest in their child’s future, by providing the tools and programs children need to succeed. Linkonlearning’s team of teachers, developers, designers and programmers share a common interest in the future of education, and believe that technology can play a positive role in its evolution.