Linkonlearning’s Online Education Goes to the Fair

Even adults enjoyed rebuilding English foundations with online learning

TORONTO (November 12, 2007)–Amidst the sights, sounds and smells of horses, swine, sheep, dogs, honey and maple syrup, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair show attendees enjoyed Linkonlearning’s online lessons at Exhibition Place from November 2-11.

Every November, the world’s largest combined indoor agricultural, horticultural, equestrian and canine event opens its doors to over 300,000 visitors. Of those visitors, more than 25,000 are students from both city and rural boards throughout the province of Ontario.

People of all ages and backgrounds showed an interest in e-Learning. Children of vendors who live and work on the farm often used the online lessons, educational games and recess for extended periods as their parents manned their booths. Adults also often took the opportunity to build their foundations in English with Linkonlearning’s K-8 Language Arts program. At least one adult signed up as a student.

Teachers visiting the fair also recognized the education value of Linkonlearning. Many felt the online lessons would be a good resource for the traditional classroom, Lojko said.

“That’s not surprising,” he said. “The program was created by certified teachers in Ontario and throughout North America.”

Not everyone can gain access to exhibition space at the Royal Winter Fair. Exhibitors must have a link to agriculture.

“Because we feature online lessons that have many connections to agriculture, we were granted permission to exhibit our online lessons.” Joel Lojko, Linkonlearning’s online education and training specialist said. “We were one of over 300 exhibitors with products and services related to agriculture.”

Agricultural themes are intertwined with Linkonlearning K-8 curriculum. When students access the online classroom, they are exposed to a variety of agricultural themes beginning with the first words taught in kindergarten.

But Linkonlearning shares another tie with agriculture; many of its students are from farming communities, Lojko said. Linkonlearning offers courses and curriculum that are not available in their communities. Also, families in rural communities often choose to home school or send their children to private schools, he said.

It wasn’t the first time this year that Linkonlearning visited Exhibition Place.

“Our booth at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) this summer resonated so well with visitors that we thought we should come to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair,” said Janice Frohlich, President of Linkonlearning. “The Royal is the perfect venue to showcase the growth we’ve had over the past 11 years and to demonstrate the innovative approach to education that Linkonlearning is known for.”

With this unique event’s focus on education, competition, entertainment and commerce, the venue was ideal for Linkonlearning to reach a fascinating array of competitors, exhibitors, and visitors from Canada and around the world.

As the only e-Learning company among the commercial exhibits, Linkonlearning was proud to be a part of this Canadian tradition that is heralded as “the place where entertainment meets education.”

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