Linkonlearning launches redesigned website

Upgraded hardware and system architecture designed to meet training and educational needs of many

WORLDWIDE WEB (October 2008)–Linkonlearning announced today the launch of their redesigned website that promises increased download and upload speeds and improved, innovative functionality that will better service students and clients.

“We’ve given our website a facelift in order to better reflect and service our existing customers,” Linkonlearning’s online education and training specialist, Joel Lojko said. “The new site has also been designed to inform the market of our new services and products.”

The new look is more than cosmetic: extensive hardware upgrades and architecture changes will facilitate better performance and new products and services. Among the many innovations at Linkonlearning, perhaps the most important to date are a comprehensive range of e-Learning solutions that include the virtual classroom, threaded discussions, real-time video conferencing, content authoring software and online collaboration tools. These solutions offer business, schools, individuals and organizations first-rate, quality education and training that is delivered in a cost-effective way.

“We are thrilled and excited with the extensive collaboration over the years between our educators and technical specialists that has resulted in a quality, user-friendly environment for our students,” the president of Linkonlearning, Janice Frohlich said.

Established over a decade ago, Linkonlearning provides online education and training solutions using Internet-based software and curriculum. Founded as one of North America’s first virtual schools, Linkonlearning provides education and training to students around the world. Linkonlearning offers over 10,000 Internet-based lessons for pre-kindergarten to 8th grade, accredited online high school courses, site licences, customized online curriculum, and training and testing to students, schools, institutions, companies and government.