Linkonlearning launches online security guard training

“Introduction to Security” pioneers Ontario-wide professional standard

TORONTO (December, 2006)–LinkonLearning announced today the launch of Introduction to Security, a cost-effective online course designed to raise the bar for security training in Ontario.

Introduction to Security delivers a comprehensive introduction to Ethics, Law, Patrol, Fire and Safety Hazards, Communications, and Customer Service. Graduates of the course will be prepared to create safe, secure environments while effectively serving employers and the public.

“This made-in-Canada curriculum provides a solid, provincial specific foundation. Students are introduced to provincial security essentials such as WHMIS and trespassing laws. Graduates of Introduction to Security will be equipped to offer superior overall performance,” said Joel Lojko, who is the Online Education and Training Specialist at Linkonlearning.

The course was created in response to Ontario’s Private Security and Investigative Services Act (2005) and anticipates the Training and Testing regulation set to come into force in 2008. The goal of these government initiatives is to help professionalize the security industry by ensuring individual licensees are qualified to provide protective services.

“Certification for security professionals can only lead to better compensation, improved opportunities, and formal recognition,” said Lojko.

The online course will meet the associated costs of the new training requirements in an economical manner. And since it is fully customizable, modules can be added to reflect corporate requirements. Introduction to Security can be modified to meet in-house training needs and to reflect individual provincial laws.

The course comes at a time when the security profession is identifying ways to improve industry standards. An April 2006 report by Federal Association of Security Officials (F.A.S.O.) Task Force on Certification acknowledged the need within Canada’s security discipline for a certification program to set a professional standard for Canada’s security industry. The report also said that “F.A.S.O. is eager to see members of the Canadian security industry play a competent role” in the growing threat against Canadians and Canadian interests that international terrorism, supported by international organized crime, presents.

“In order to protect Canadians, the security discipline must formalize a consistent nationwide standard,” said Janice Frohlich, President of Linkonlearning. “Introduction to Security is a move in that direction.”

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