Linkonlearning launches corporate e-learning solutions

It’s never been easier to have knowledgeable, up-to-date staff

TORONTO (February 1, 2007)–Linkonlearning announced today the  launch of a comprehensive range of flexible, cost effective e-Learning solutions that encompass the virtual classroom, content authoring software, online collaboration tools, threaded discussions, real-time video conferencing, chat and much more.

“These e-Learning solutions can be tailored to fit organizations of all sizes and budgets making it painless to use leading-edge technology to deliver dynamic training and education initiatives that successfully meet both corporate and individual needs,” Linkonlearning’s online education and training specialist, Joel Lojko said.

Since the process is so cost effective, the end result is that both the quality of education and the ROI increase.

Linkonlearning collaboration tools are designed for the rapid development of customized content. They allow different departments to share existing resources such as training materials and programs, brochures, HR forms, manuals, simulations and training videos, as well as quizzes and other assessment tools. This variety of learning materials is dynamically delivered in a streamlined manner so that the training process becomes standardized and everyone receives the same quality of training. The end result is knowledgeable staff that is up-to-date on new policies, technologies, products and other essential information.

Because no two organizations are the same, Linkonlearning’s training specialists can help organizations and businesses create enterprise-level solutions that consider the challenges, experiences and best practices within an organization, Lojko said.

Linkonlearning content authoring software makes content building accessible to almost anyone, regardless of technical ability, he said. Changes and updates can be made easily and administrators can manage courses and lessons seamlessly.

“The system is out of the box and ready to go,” Lojko said. “It marks the test, collects the data and gives a variety of users access to it at a click of a button. An administrator just has to go in and pull up a profile of any given person.

“Whether there are 10, 1000 or a million online learners and instructors, the Linkonlearning system has the capacity to handle a large number of users. The software is robust enough to take whatever you can throw at it and to grow as an organization grows.”

Whether an organization is experienced with delivering training or new to e-Learning, Linkonlearning’s fully scalable, customized solutions enable it to create and manage online learning initiatives in a centrally managed environment.

Linkonlearning eliminates the need for a third party to administer and hand mark test results. Instead, data is collected online through a series of questions that can be scenario-based, multiple-choice, fill in the blank, true or false/ yes or no among a variety of other options. These same e-Learning solutions can also be applied to the hiring process making it more efficient.

Established over a decade ago, Linkonlearning provides online education and training solutions using Internet-based software and curriculum. Founded as one of North America’s first virtual schools, Linkonlearning provides education and training to students around the world. Linkonlearning offers over 10,000 Internet-based lessons for pre-kindergarten to 8th grade, accredited online high school courses, site licences, customized online curriculum, and training and testing to students, schools, institutions, companies and government.