Linkonlearning a New Teaching Aid for Parents

Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents (February Newsletter)

(February 2003)–Linkonlearning is pleased to offer home schooling parents a new teaching aid in their classrooms, available twenty-four hours a day and just a click away. Linkonlearning’s online education program for JK to Grade 8 provides parents with the tools to understand their child’s academic progress and help them reach their potential.

Linkonlearning’s curriculum is a valuable addition to a child’s educational program. Linkonlearning offers home schooled children access to over 10,000 lessons, spread over nine courses and three levels. Each lesson is fully interactive and auditory in order to accommodate students’ different learning styles.

Lessons are aligned with provincial goals and standards, and written by certified teachers in the following curriculum areas: Language Arts, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, History and Geography.

Linkonlearning’s program is based on the philosophy that each child is unique. That is why Linkonlearning allows parents to customize their child’s curriculum by enrolling them in the appropriate grade and level for each subject. In addition, parents can change their child’s grade or level in any subject, anytime.

Linkonlearning’s tutorial method encourages one-on-one learning between parents and children, allowing parents gain an understanding of their child’s strengths and weaknesses. This in combination with allowing children to learn at their own pace is the basis of Linkonlearning’s formula for academic success.

In addition, the program provides a printable report card, which allows parents to monitor their child’s progress on a day-to-day basis. The report card allows parents to view their child’s marks in each subject, allows them to see each completed lesson, and shows parents the correct answers for each lesson.

For $34.95 a month, each student has their own classroom with unlimited access to all courses and grades, our library, recess area as well as live chat with fellow students and teachers.