COVID-19 Update: Online School Remains Open

Linkonlearning Received Permission to Stay Open During COVID-19

Students can continue to access programs as usual, and new students can continue to register.

Please contact us to find out what programs we have available.

Featured: Virtual School for K-8 Students

Using Linkonlearning students login to the virtual classroom. Students access online lessons that cover the core subjects that follow a structured, customizable timetable.

Students complete lessons based on their grade and learning levels. This approach allows each student to have a customized learning plan. The grade and learning level can be adjusted for each subject to meet the student’s individual needs. Each student has their own online report card, as well as access to the online recess and library areas with hundreds of online books and activities.

The online lessons are created by certified teachers. The subjects include:

  • Math, Reading, Spelling, Writing (JK – Gr 8)
  • Language Arts, Science (Gr 1 – Gr 8)
  • Social Studies (Gr 1 – Gr 6)
  • History and Geography (Gr 7 – Gr 8)


When accessing the website, the student will need to:

  • Have Internet connection
  • Use a Google Chrome web browser
  • Use a device that is Flash enabled

Also, Microsoft Word or a compatible word processor is recommended for the program as well, to access any off-line assignments that complement the online activities.

You can use a PC or a Mac.

A keyboard and mouse is also recommended so all the activities can be completed.

How to Register Students

Please visit the Linkonlearning website for more information about how to register. Part of the program’s mandate is to be as affordable as possible. The program costs $34.95 per month per student which includes access to all the subjects.

After enrolling students, access is given to the resources area. Parents and teachers are encouraged to read the user guide in the resources area before getting started.