Canada’s First Online Elementary School at FETC

(Florida Educational Technology Conference)

ORLANDO, Florida (February 3, 2003)–Linkonlearning Inc. is exhibiting at FETC to showcase Canada’s first virtual elementary school, and to illustrate how educators can incorporate its program into their classrooms and computer labs.

Linkonlearning provides students from JK to Grade 8 access to over 10,000 lessons, spread over nine courses and three levels. Each lesson is interactive and designed to appeal to auditory, visual and tactile learners. Lessons are aligned with national goals and standards, and written by certified teachers in the following curriculum areas: Language Arts, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, History and Geography.

In addition to Linkonlearning’s curriculum, teachers will have the ability to create lessons and input them directly into the program. This will allow schools to build upon Linkonlearning’s curriculum by adding their own content in order to meet specific state standards.

“I believe our school is the model for online curriculum. Our technology provides the platform for schools across the country to develop online content without the cost associated with creating their own,” said President Janice Frohlich. Furthermore, Linkonlearning offers an administrative lounge, a report card, a personalized classroom for each student, a recess and library area as well as online chat for students and teachers.

A fundamental feature of the program is the ability for teachers to register a student in both the appropriate grade and level for each subject. Linkonlearning offers all subjects at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. By customizing their enrolment, students can progress through the curriculum at their own pace while gaining confidence in themselves and their skills.

Schools can use Linkonlearning in a classroom setting as an additional teaching aid for students who need extra help or enrichment. In addition, the program can be implemented in computer labs as a supplemental educational resource. Students also benefit from the program because it reinforces what they are learning in the classroom and provides them with new educational challenges. For teachers, it offers the opportunity to create lessons and have them available to students online both at school and at home. Additionally, teachers can monitor each child’s progress via Linkonlearning’s report card.

Linkonlearning invites educators and the media to learn more about our program at booth #223 at the Florida Educational Technology Conference.

Linkonlearning Inc.

Linkonlearning’s ( online program offers curriculum-based education for children from JK to Grade 8. A certified school in Ontario since October 2002, Linkonlearning helps teachers and primary caregivers to invest in their child’s future, by providing the tools and programs children need to succeed. Linkonlearning’s team of teachers, developers, designers and programmers share a common interest in the future of education, and believe that technology can play a positive role in its evolution.