Corporate Philosophy

Linkonlearning Inc. is passionate about education, training and lifelong learning.

We live today in a technological era where information technology and Internet technology are transforming the character of life and work. Because of that organizations face the critical task of supporting individual and collective learning. The collective knowledge of employees is a vital asset and the acquisition, transfer and use of knowledge are crucial to long-term organizational performance. Knowledge is quickly becoming a key resource and the ability to acquire and share knowledge a key competency.

Today, a majority of people use the Internet to find information. We believe that education is the Internet’s true purpose. It is our goal to provide institutions, corporations, government and business, etc. with powerful tools that efficiently deliver learning programs and assist in the creation of a solid learning culture. Our program harnesses state-of-the-art technology and fuses it with education. By combining curriculum with sound, images, and interactive lessons, we provide students with an appealing, effective educational experience.

Our mission is to become a global leader in education and training, utilizing technology to its fullest potential. We hope that our positive attitude and love of knowledge will be contagious to the global community.