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School Profile

If your school already has a website, then you can link to your School Profile page from your existing website.

As a school with your own Profile Page, you receive the following:

• Your own URL (Linkonlearning web address).
• Login Access for Teacher(s).
• Student Management Area with Online Real-Time Reports.
• Login Access to Online Classroom for Students.
• School Profile page - including 5 page website.
• School Profile page - integration with PayPal.

If your school does not have a website, then this page is your starting place. Linkonlearning has created a process and tools for schools to be able to easily integrate e-learning into their existing programs, offer e-learning courses to students, as well as have the option of becoming a fully virtual school.

This is a good place to share your schools e-learning vision, mission, and information about your school's administration and staff. You can also put a default announcements here, job openings, and any other relevant information and photos.

On the left hand side of the page, the Interactive Virtual E-School (IVES) logo is used to show that your school is utilizing cutting edge e-learning technology.

On the right hand side of the page, easy login access is provided for your students and faculty.

Easily accept payment for student registration into your own school’s bank account - Set your own tuition rates and payment plans. Your school profile page is set-up accept online payment for student registration. Additionally, you can accept e-mail payments and have flexible invoicing options.