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The Linkonlearning online learning platform includes all the tools schools need for E-Learning.

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AZTEC Share Program

LMS for Elementary, High School, College, University, and Government

Creating online courses and is easy with Linkonlearning. AZTEC Share allows your institution to deliver your own courseware using our shared learning management system. Your students and teachers:

• Access courses and lessons relevant only to your institution.
• Your own URL (Linkonlearning web address)
• Login Access for Teacher(s).
• Student Management Area.
• Online Real-Time Student Diagnostics.
• Login Access to Online Classroom for Students.
• School Profile Page, Including 5-page Website.
• Easily Upgrade and Expand Existing Solutions.

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How it works

Students can access e-learning both on a PC or Mac through a secure Login. This can be done anywhere the student has Internet access. It can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Online Classroom

Fully Customizable—Courseware can be fully modified suit the needs of your institution.

Students watch videos, read material, participate in scenario training and answer questions based on the material they are completing. Completed lessons are submitted for marking, and the Linkonlearning system automatically generates a score for each lesson.

Online lesson videos  Online lesson questions

Linkonlearning also has assignment management modules in case a lesson requires an open-ended assignment that must be uploaded to the system and then scored by an instructor.