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The Linkonlearning online learning platform includes all the tools schools need for E-Learning.

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In the global knowledge economy, know-how is a critical resource and knowledge is vitally important to the bottom line. Is it any wonder that demand for higher education is soaring? But despite this soaring demand and maybe because of it, universities and colleges often face challenges in institutional capacity, in terms of both human and physical resources?

Linkonlearning is helping institutions of higher learning enhance their potential to provide learning opportunities that are shared equally across society through our innovative range of eLearning solutions. Those solutions include a robust learning platform with a Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) as well as collaboration, communication and content authoring tools, and much more. Whatever the educational goal, Linkonlearning empowers colleges and universities to make teaching and learning more accessible, vibrant and individualized for every campus stakeholder.

Our learning technologies have been developed over more than a decade of serving students and clients. These powerful tools can do the following:

• Integrate existing resources
• Improve the transfer of knowledge
• Enrich the level of interaction with faculty
• Enable clients to expand effortlessly their educational offerings

AZTEC E-Learning Platform

Linkonlearning AZTEC is a powerful e-learning platform that will help your organization deliver engaging online training, courses and lessons. The learning, teaching, administrative, and management tools can all be tailored to your unique e-learning approach. Learn More

AZTEC 360 - Customized E-Learning Solution

Linkonlearning’s AZTEC 360 includes the following: a powerful Learning Management System (LMS); an easy, streamlined approach to content authoring and course management; fully integrated communication tools such as chat, real-time video conferencing, and threaded discussions; integrated assessment and diagnostics that ensure successful learning outcomes; robust exam and testing software; and much more. Learn More

AZTEC Share Program

Creating online courses and is easy with Linkonlearning. AZTEC Share allows your institution to deliver your own courseware using our shared learning management system. Learn More

School Profile Pages

If your school already has a website, then you can link to your School Profile page from your existing website. If your school does not have a website, then this page is your starting place. Learn More