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The Linkonlearning online learning platform includes all the tools schools need for E-Learning.

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Elementary Solutions & Site Licences

Linkonlearning recognizes that access to a good education enables young people to build a promising future. With this in mind, Linkonlearning has developed an extensive curriculum for JK-8 written by certified teachers who have based their classroom material on content from across North America. We offer over 10,000 interactive lessons in 10 subject areas. More than a decade of experience proves they are effective and appealing to young learners.

The Linkonlearning application enables privately and publicly funded elementary schools to provide an enriching learning experience to students in any geographic area. Our program harnesses the fascination of today's youth with technology and fuses it with education.

Registered students access their lessons, which are customized to their grade and skill level, with a unique username and password that allows access to the online classroom, library, and recess. The user-friendly environment makes Linkonlearning both enjoyable and enriching.

Our courses are divided into units within each grade. All units include full visual and audio instructions, followed by interactive lessons that reinforce each topic. Each unit is available in beginner, intermediate, and advanced. As a result, students are able to move through the levels at their own pace and this ensures that no one ever feels left behind or held back. Unit tests immediately determine subject comprehension. Real-time diagnostics reveal a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

AZTEC E-Learning Platform

Linkonlearning AZTEC is a powerful e-learning platform that will help your organization deliver engaging online training, courses and lessons. The learning, teaching, administrative, and management tools can all be tailored to your unique e-learning approach. Learn More

AZTEC 360 - Customized E-Learning Solution

Linkonlearning’s AZTEC 360 includes the following: a powerful Learning Management System (LMS); an easy, streamlined approach to content authoring and course management; fully integrated communication tools such as chat, real-time video conferencing, and threaded discussions; integrated assessment and diagnostics that ensure successful learning outcomes; robust exam and testing software; and much more. Learn More

AZTEC Share Program

Creating online courses and is easy with Linkonlearning. AZTEC Share allows your institution to deliver your own courseware using our shared learning management system. Learn More

School Profile Pages

If your school already has a website, then you can link to your School Profile page from your existing website. If your school does not have a website, then this page is your starting place. Learn More