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The Linkonlearning online learning platform includes all the tools schools need for E-Learning.

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Make learning more accessible, vibrant and individualized. Linkonlearning tools and resources empower educators to enhance teaching, communication and collaboration. Whatever the education goal, integrating innovative e-learning technology and solutions into the classroom has never been easier. With the Linkonlearning Teaching and Learning Platform, educators build and access content that appeals to diverse learning styles.

Developed over more than a decade of serving students and clients, our learning technologies readily integrate existing resources and enable educators to expand their offerings effortlessly.

Our years of working with students and educators have taught us the necessity of giving even non-technical users the ability to author content. Linkonlearning's streamlined approach to content authoring extends educators the freedom to create, edit and revise online offerings.

Creating online content is straightforward. Online courses, tests, and quizzes are first created and edited in a word processor. They are then uploaded into the Linkonlearning system through a special Content Builder Login. Next the course is indexed using the Linkonlearning Course Authoring & Content Builder Tool, and rich media content such as videos and sound is added. Pre-developed content like PowerPoint presentations and downloadable assignment pages upload readily.

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Online courses can be delivered synchronously and asynchronously. Linkonlearning includes interactive features like videoconferencing, chat and the Linkonlearning Assignment Module, which lets students upload formative or summative assignments for marking. Our method maintains a standard course delivery structure that allows students to focus on learning rather than technology. It has never been easier to offer students the course options and extra practice they want and need.