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Linkonlearning Realigns Testing Technology

Testing helps retention and aids self-monitoring

LAKE HAVASU CITY, Arizona (March 2004)--Frequent testing not only helps students retain more content, it reduces test anxiety and helps students monitor their own progress. Read More >

Linkonlearning Conforms to SCORM

Powerful LMS and content authoring tools for teachers and corporations make e-learning easy and cost-effective

LAKE HAVASU CITY, Arizona (July 2003)--Linkonlearning announced today its new design input technology and learning management system (LMS) that facilitate light-speed content authoring and delivery for educators and corporations. Read More >

New Products - Linkonlearning

District Administration Magazine (USA)

(May 1, 2003)--This Web-based system can be used as an additional teaching aid or implemented in computer labs as a supplemental resource. Teachers can create lessons and directly input them into the program. The system also provides report cards, a personalized classroom for each student, a recess and library area and an online chat for students and teachers. Read more >

Personalized learning services stand out at FETC 2003

Florida Educational Technology Conference

eSchool News
By Corey Murray

ORLANDO, Florida (February 11, 2003)--In search of ways to meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), thousands of educators came to the 23rd annual Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) Feb. 4-6 in Orlando. What they found was an evolution in thinking--from one-size-fits-all technology solutions to customizable, online services tailored to individual student needs.
Read More >

Linkonlearning A New Teaching Aid for Home Schooling Parents

Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents (February Newsletter)

(February 2003)--Linkonlearning’s program is based on the philosophy that each child is unique. That is why Linkonlearning allows parents to customize their child’s curriculum by enrolling them in the appropriate grade and level for each subject. In addition, parents can change their child’s grade or level in any subject, anytime. Read More >

Écoles primaires virtuelles : de la fiction à la réalité

Centre Francophone d'Informatisation des Organisations

Bulletin SISTech - édition du 24 janvier 2003--Selon Education Week, la flexibilité de l’horaire et la possibilité de personnaliser davantage le programme d’enseignement compteraient parmi les avantages les plus recherchés par les familles qui choisissent l’école virtuelle. En plus, celles-ci peuvent choisir différentes écoles plutôt que de se restreindre à celle de leur quartier. Read More >

Virtual school has everything but building

Canada's first e-school started in York Region

Era Banner/The Liberal
By Mitchell Brown, Staff Writer

NEWMARKET, Ontario (December 19, 2002)--It has a library, lesson plans, recess, report cards and just about everything else you'd expect to find at an elementary school. Well, everything except the school itself. LinkonLearning.com opened its virtual doors Dec. 9 to become Canada's first fully online elementary school. Read More >

Une première école primaire virtuelle certifiée en Ontario

La Presse
Marie Allard

Le Jeudi 12 Décembre 2002 «Tous les jours, mon fils Logan se précipite pour faire des maths!» On l'aura deviné: le gamin de Sue Kowal, une mère de famille de St. Catharines, en Ontario, n'est pas inscrit à n'importe quelle école. L'élève de neuf ans fréquente plutôt LinkonLearning, la première école primaire virtuelle reconnue par le ministère de l'Éducation de l'Ontario. Read More >

First virtual elementary school in Canada opens25 students enrolled

25 students enrolled

National Post
By Heather Sokoloff

(December 10, 2002)--Canada's first fully online elementary school started classes yesterday, enabling children as young as four to play a computerized trombone for a music lesson and participate in chat rooms during recess. Read More >

Special schools tap technology

Globe and Mail
By Jack Kapica

(December 10, 2002)--Instead of receiving a report card every few months, Linkonlearning allows parents to look at specific information regarding their child's development on a day-to-day basis. Being Internet-based, the school is available around the clock, offering more than 10,000 lessons, spread over nine courses and three levels. Read More >

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