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Established over a decade ago, Linkonlearning provides online education and training using Internet-based software and curriculum.

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Our Team

Janice S. Frohlich, President

Janice is the vanguard and visionary behind the creation of Linkonlearning. Her computer programming skills and experience as an educator enable her to envision future possibilities, conceptualize solutions, strategize plans and procedures, and implement programs and applications.

Prior to founding Linkonlearning, Janice directed four companies in the communication and education industries. She has provided training for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRDC). Her private vocational institute, Click-On Computer Learning Centre, provided instruction in microcomputer applications to corporate clients and adult students. Janice is also responsible for training one of the youngest people ever to achieve Office Specialist certification. Janice has authored numerous instructional materials relating to computer applications including textbooks for Click-On. She is a member of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) and the Canadian Educational Researchers’ Association (CERA).

In 2001, Janice merged Click-On with Linkonlearning to create a seamless learning environment for students and teachers. She has continued developing this robust online learning environment so that organizations can capitalize on the leading-edge technology. Thousands of students and teachers testify to the uniqueness and power of the Linkonlearning environment compared to other online learning systems.

"New technologies and globalization have changed the workplace. These changes have resulted in increased demands and rising expectations on employees. To meet these challenges and compete for jobs in the new economy, employees must be more skilled in reading, writing, counting, computing, critical thinking and problem solving." Janice Frohlich, Literacy: An issue that touches us all, Focus on Learning

Joel Lojko, Online Education & Training Specialist

Joel Lojko is Linkonlearning’s online education & training specialist. He provides strategic management leadership, ensuring that Linkonlearning customers receive quality products and services.

Joel recruits teachers, refines Human Resource processes, and analyses the uses and integration of corporate training applications. He participates in pilot project management and system testing to gain feedback from users, such as students and teachers.

Joel’s experience and expertise lie in the technology and security industries. Within these areas, Joel has been responsible for human resources, cost control and process analysis, project management, training, corporate accounts and marketing. He has extensive operations management and business consulting experience.

Responsible for training and managing a large number of employees, Joel understands the need for quality, cost-effective training. He works closely with instruction design and subject matter experts to ensure that customers receive quality e-learning resources.

Joel studied Business Management at the University of Toronto.

Marilyn Reid, Principal

Marilyn Reid has been the principal of the Linkonlearning elementary school since its inception. Having been educated at York University and the Toronto Teacher’s College, for the last 27 years, Reid has celebrated the rich diversity of the Canadian classroom and enjoyed teaching everything from grade one to grade nine. Reid has a passion for differentiated learning. She believes that each student presents individual needs, potentials, problems and interests and these must be recognized and accommodated in the classroom.

"As an online learning community, we are here to assist diverse groups of learners, including special needs and gifted, in the job of learning." Marilyn Reid, Principal's Message

Rosalind Golden, Program Manager

Rosalind Golden studied journalism at Centennial College and graduated Summa Cum Laude in Professional Writing at York University. She brings to Linkonlearning her experience in journalism, marketing, editing and business writing. Rosalind analyses, writes and edits marketing and educational material for Linkonlearning.

Rosalind has a passion for literacy and is the editor for Linkonlearning’s K-8 newsletter, Focus on Learning. This publication helps parents and educators provide fun learning experiences for children. She invites parents and educators to share ideas, experiences and resources.

Educator’s Network

The Linkonlearning Educator’s Network consists of over 2,000 educators from across North America. These teachers, professors, and educational directors assist us with content development and course authoring, e-tutoring and online instruction, as well as e-learning system testing and feedback.