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As soon as you arrive at Linkonlearning your adventure begins! You'll learn about life and the world of knowledge around you from the comfort of your own computer. Linkonlearning has a recess area full of fun and games, a chat program, a library and all the information you'll need to succeed.

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Check out our featured online game along with other lessons and resources.

Linkonlearning's program is the answer to the question of how to make school more fun.

As soon as you arrive in Linkonlearning's student area the adventure begins. Our dynamic content moves around, talks to you, reads your questions and explains the lessons in a friendly and informative way. Our goal at Linkonlearning is to help you learn everything you will need to excel in school.

If you learn by touch, you’ll love the drag and drop answers and animated pictures. If you are a visual learner, you’ll be able to read every lesson and look at the pictures to help you understand the subject. For those of you who like to hear what’s going on, the majority of images have sound and every lesson is read to you in English.

Recess is full of fun and exciting things to do. The large games section challenges the senses and entertains the imagination. Each game is designed to have the maximum fun that education can provide. There’s something for everyone!

Online Recess

Our chat client allows you to interact with your friends. This lets you enjoy a sense of community while at Linkonlearning. You can meet new friends online as you learn. In addition, you can use our support chat room to get answers for your questions.