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Science Lesson - Sample

Today and in the future, understanding science has become more important than ever. Our rapidly changing environment necessitates that everyone, regardless of their chosen occupation, have training in science and technology. But science is not mysterious. It involves curiosity, observation, questioning, trial and error, testing predictions, and finding answers. Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov describes it as "a way of thinking," a way to look at the world.

Our science program recognizes the need for a true understanding of how the world works. Students begin by exploring basic concepts of life. They gradually are introduced to the nine concepts of science: organization, cause and effect, systems, scale, models, change, structure and function, variation, and diversity. As they are introduced to new ideas, they begin exploring the fundamentals of what causes the world to exist in the way that it does. The visual and interactive nature of our lessons ensures that children acquire a broad, hands-on picture of science that helps them apply their knowledge to daily life.

Registered students access their lessons, which are customized to their grade and skill level, with a unique username and password that allows access to the online classroom, library, and recess area.

To view a sample online science lesson, follow these two easy steps: (Make sure you allow pop-ups)

Step 1 Click for instruction                Step 2 Click for assessment

The lesson will pop-up in a new browser, or if you are using tabbed browsing, in a new tab.

Also, it may be helpful to add Linkonlearning to your Trusted Sites. You can also use our systems check page to make sure your computer is set-up to use Linkonlearning. We work on a wide range of web browsers, and yes we work on both PC and Mac, and for high speed, satellite, and dial-up users!

Once the lesson instruction pops-up, you can click on the start sound button to hear the auditory instructions.

You'll also notice green example boxes at the bottom of the instruction page. You can click on the green boxes to see examples of the types of questions that will be asked in this particular learning unit.

After completing the assessment questions, click on the submit button to view your score.

Each time registered students complete a lesson, they collect points that parents can leverage in a motivational rewards program. Parents can also access real-time reports and diagnostics that enable them to assess a student's strengths and weaknesses.