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Virtual Elementary School

Online Library and Resources

When students visit the online library, they have access to a wide variety of great resources, including online books, encyclopaedic maps and tutorials. The following list is a sampling of student-accessible resources:

An abundance of "learn to read" online animated and audio books written and narrated by famous authors, as well as classics, quizzes, book reports, and more

Online Language Learning Books in French, Spanish, etc

The Arts Visual – Colour Wheel

Creative Writing by other students

Music Theory



World Maps

Canada Maps

United States Maps

Language Translator

Linkonlearning Lessons Keyword Search

The Solar System

Life Cycles of a Frog

Life Cycles of a Butterfly

Improve your Typing Skills

Keyboard Recognition

Typing Drills

Typing – Test your speed

Math Drills

Spelling Drills

How to Internet Search

How to Use a Telephone

How to Write a Book Report

How to Use a Dictionary

How to Make Graphs

Math – Counting, numbers, adding and subtracting tutorials

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Students can also vote on monthly polls with kids from around the world. They vote for their favourite Top Ten in the following categories:




TV Shows







The online library is only one of the great areas within Linkonlearning. Students also login to our online classroom and access over 10,000 K-8 online lessons and play educational games in our recess area. Parents also have access to real-time report cards and diagnostics.