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Limerick Submissions

Linkonlearning writing contests provide opportunity for student competition and pride of accomplishment.

Limerick poetry writing follows a strict five-line form. These poems are often witty and humourous.

The limericks on this page were written and submitted by Linkonlearning students of a variety of ages and grade levels.

Great work everyone! A+ for effort!

Good Advice

A young leprechaun once was told,
That life wasn't all about gold.
So he agreed with them,
And kept rubies and gems,
And stayed rich until he was old.

Written by Eric

Talents Galore!

There once was a girl named Morgan,
She loved to play on the organ.
She wrote her own music,
And sewed her own tunic,
That talented young girl called Morgan.

Written by Raymond

The Field of Greens

There once was a field of clovers,
Surrounding the field were boulders.
One day it got cold,
And the ones who were bold,
Went out to dig up green clovers.

Written by Coady

The Green Man

There once was a guy that was Green,
Although he wasn't too keen.
Once he was caught,
He twisted and fought,
And then turned viciously mean.

Written by Tyler

Looks are Deceiving

There once was a girl called Courtney,
Who was very smart but portly.
She sat down on a bench,
And changed it to a fence,
That wonderful girl named Courtney.

Written by Courtney

Bonny Billie

There once was a child called Billie,
Who was a gorgeous young filly.
She could run and jump high,
All her smiles lit the sky,
And her clothes were always frilly.

Written by Billie