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“Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other in the integration of the human being because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the Soul on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace, and making the Soul of him who is rightly educated truly graceful.”


Focus on Learning is Linkonlearning’s revamped K-8 newsletter for parents and educators. Our online community consists of people like you. We welcome your stories. Share your experiences, ideas, and passion for learning.

Janice Frohlich is the president of Linkonlearning. She has worked with children and adult learners to help foster a love of learning and has dedicated herself to providing new opportunities for students to be successful lifelong learners.

Message from the President

Music lessons boost grades
Online piano programs opportunity

In celebration of the eleventh annual Family Literacy Day in Canada on January 27, this issue of Focus on Learning highlights the importance of incorporating literacy activities into everyday routines.

We encourage parents to provide every advantage they can for their children by engaging them with reading, list creation, cooking and baking, letter writing, games, culture, singing songs, rhythm and rhyming activities, and music.

In honour of Family Literacy Day, Linkonlearning is providing its students the opportunity to study piano with the award-winning Adventus Incorporated online music program, MusIQ Home School.

The MusIQ program consists of printed program guides and interactive software. The software encourages and motivates students using real time feedback with assessment in conjunction with careful pedagogy and an extensive learning library. With delightful composer characters, and a very effective display engine, your children will love to learn this way.

We've looked at the Adventus program and found that this program complements our students' academic experience with Linkonlearning. We believe this internationally acclaimed program will work well for many of our existing students, from early elementary to high school, from beginners to intermediate level musicians. The engaging software helps children become fond of daily practice, for reliable progress.

Why music? We believe that studying music is foundational to success and is part of a well-rounded education. Music lessons correspond with better grades and higher test scores, including SATs.

Many successful people have had music lessons. Einstein wasn’t always considered a genius. When Einstein did poorly in school as a boy, his mother’s answer was music lessons. He became a passionate violinist who found inspiration in Mozart. Many of Silicon Valley’s foremost technical designers and engineers have been musicians. Many college grads entering medical school are music students.

To enrol your child in the Adventus program or to learn more, click here to visit the MusIQ Homeschool link.

Elementary Newsletter
Volume 11 Issue 1

In this Issue...

ArticleFeature: Reading to children has big payoff

ArticleFeature: Childhood music lessons develop brainpower

ArticleMessage from the President: Literacy—An issue that touches us all

ArticleMessage from the President: Music lessons boost grades

ArticlePrincipal's Message: Quality, customizable education

ArticleTips and Triumphs: Environment influences brain architecture

ArticleTips and Triumphs: Call for submissions

ArticleTips and Triumphs: Educational links for children

ArticleTips and Triumphs: Links for Literacy

ArticleWorks Cited

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