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“To teach is to learn twice.”
Joseph Joubert

Tips and Triumphs

TnT submissions

When it comes to education, every parent and every teacher has something interesting to share. Whether you have a teaching tip to convey or triumphs you’d like to share, our newsletter is the venue for you. Our readers are concerned parents who are actively participating in their children’s education. Share your ideas, offer tips, expound on theories, fashion anecdotes, or write a piece that answers the who, what, where, when, why, and how of it all.

Elementary Newsletter
Volume 11 Issue 1

In this Issue...

ArticleFeature: Reading to children has big payoff

ArticleFeature: Childhood music lessons develop brainpower

ArticleMessage from the President: Literacy—An issue that touches us all

ArticleMessage from the President: Music lessons boost grades

ArticlePrincipal's Message: Quality, customizable education

ArticleTips and Triumphs: Environment influences brain architecture

ArticleTips and Triumphs: Call for submissions

ArticleTips and Triumphs: Educational links for children

ArticleTips and Triumphs: Links for Literacy

ArticleWorks Cited

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