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Fun and Interactive Online Learning

Children access fun and interactive online preschool lessons through our online classroom. Each child is given a customized learning plan. The learning levels are adjusted to meet each child’s needs, and parents get real-time diagnostics and reporting for each child. Students also learn through play and interact with animated online tutorials.

Preschool students are given online lessons in core curriculum areas including online math lessons, online reading lessons, online spelling lessons, and online writing lessons. Lessons are both visual and auditory and take into account different types of learners, from advanced to special needs. Each subject also has printable worksheets to allow preschool children to complete worksheets when they do not have access to the internet, and to allow for development of key skills such as creative writing and penmanship.

Start Early -- Prepare your child for Life

Studies have indicated how crucial early child development is to becoming a life-long learner. From newborn to age six, 75% of a child’s brain growth is completed. Our scientific and research team uses technologies and lessons created by certified teachers to help facilitate development in the early years. To help children grow and develop to their full potential, many parents enrol their children at the pre-school level.

Animated interactive tutorials help teach basic skills such as counting, adding and subtracting. Computer skills are also taught at the parent’s discretion, including typing skills and how to search the internet. Children are introduced to other essential life skills such as what to do in an emergency and how to call 911 if appropriate. Kids also access our online library where they can view and listen to animated online books, read by famous authors such as Robert Munch.

When you sign-up for the Linkonlearning program and register a student, an education specialist is available for support. Our principal will review the online diagnostics and make suggestions to assist parents in monitoring each child’s progress. Since each child gains unlimited access to the program for a monthly membership fee that is equivalent to less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, this program is accessible to both high and low income families.

Many students are able to work ahead at parents' discretion. Students access online lessons in language arts, social studies, geography and history, and they can be individually challenged at the grade and level they are at. Children also play education-based games in the online recess area that are dynamically tied to the student’s curriculum and learning level.