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Linkonlearning is an alternative application for parents that have students with advanced needs, and is for your children if you feel their educational needs are not being satisfactorily addressed by their current learning environment. By using the Linkonlearning application a student is able to advance through curriculum based on their knowledge and learning skills. A student that is placed in a particular grade is able to advance up to the next grade based on the students’ performance.


John is placed in the grade 5 class at Linkonlearning. After one month of diagnostic work on the system it is obvious that John is able to whiz through the work in record time with his average marks above 90%. It seems that John is not being challenged at this grade. John is moved into the grade 6 class at Linkonlearning and is now being challenged in all subject areas. His average grade is still above 80% and he is learning new and educational information that he is now discussing with his mother and father.

Further Linkonlearning diagnostics reveal that John is working at the grade 6 intermediate level for most of his subjects. However, in language arts and spelling he is working at the grade 7 beginner level. Therefore, each subject can be adjusted to grade and learning level that John is working at.

Customized learning plans for each student

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Parent Support from Specialists

When you register a student on Linkonlearning, an education specialist is available to help. We can provide you with a full program walkthrough and assist you with setting-up your child in the right grades and learning levels for each subject.

An education officer is also available on an on-going basis to assist with tweaking the program to help meet your child's needs.

If you have any questions, need any help or support, please feel free to contact us.

Customized learning for every child

You can use our Internet-based program to understand your child’s learning strengths. Instead of receiving a report card once every few months, our program allows you to look at specific information regarding your child’s development on a day-to-day basis.

Think of Linkonlearning as your child’s private online tutor, 24 hours a day and just a click away.

The customized education your child will receive using our program will make the difference between boredom and involvement. All of our course content has been developed by certified teachers from across North America.

Our program teaches to all the learning modalities (i.e. audio, visual and kinaesthetic), so students who might struggle in a classroom setting can rocket to success in our interactive environment. In addition, children who have greater abilities in some subjects than others can have a custom-designed course schedule. Linkonlearning offers all subjects at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, allowing your child to learn at their own pace.

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Customized Learning Plans

Posted on Parents Talk by Emily Frasier on March 01 at 16:20:57:

OK, so I was having such a hard time getting my 9 year old to do well in school. A friend of mine suggested one of those Learning Centers to me like Sylvan but I can't afford that! Then, I happened to stumble across a new system that's just been released here in the USA called Linkonlearning ( www.linkonlearning.com ) and I tried it out. It's much cheaper than even a tutor! There are games, lessons from preschool to 8th grade, report cards, dictionaries, translators, word of the day, everything! I can't get my daughter off of it now and her grades in school have improved by 2 whole grade points!!! Just thought I'd spread the word about it. It's a wonderful program and my daughter's becoming more adept at working the computer too! parent - Emily Fraser