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Linkonlearning Community Literacy Project

Sponsor a Numeracy & Literacy Program in your Community

Statistics reveal that literacy is a serious issue in both Canada and the United States. Millions of Canadians and Americans struggle with numeracy and literacy challenges. With this in mind, Linkonlearning has created a community literacy project where patrons of literacy and numeracy sponsor an elementary school seeking to assist students struggling with literacy. Sponsors can invest directly in their communities by helping schools help students build numeric proficiency and literacy.

Everyone benefits.

Much is at stake. In today’s information-based society, literacy barriers undermine the potential of individuals, communities and society itself. Even small increases in literacy rates profoundly affect the GDP for the better.

A backgrounder prepared by the Movement for Canadian Literacy (MCL) says:
A CD Howe report … shows that a 1% increase in literacy skills would boost productivity by 2.5% and lead to a 1.5% permanent increase in GDP – that’s $18 billion a year. Literacy is the fuel that drives our information economy and society.

Providing elementary children with the chance to fortify the foundations of numeric proficiency and literacy significantly improves postsecondary opportunities for all income groups. And like literacy, the benefits of higher education are profound: economic returns to individuals and society; community participation; improved quality of life (including health); and increased productivity being but four.

The plan is simple.

The plan is straightforward and easy to implement. The materials have already been created. Through Linkonlearning lessons and online diagnostics, schools will help build student literacy and numeracy to aid student achievement. Because the Linkonlearning program was created to effectively meet the needs of various kinds of learning styles and needs, it caters to different types of learners from special needs students to advanced learners. All that is needed are computers, Internet and a sponsored school committed to student success.

How does it work?

Students login to the online classroom and access lessons in their grade and learning level. Teachers view real-time reports and create a customized learning plan for each child based on their scores. Teachers utilize the program to build on the student’s strengths, improve and develop weak areas, build confidence and self-esteem through repeatable success.

Elementary Virtual Classroom

Schools access the program by providing students with a computer and Internet access. To enhance learning outcomes, many teachers will incorporate e-learning material into their regular lesson plans to harness students’ fascination with technology. Students usually access the program on computers that are located in the physical classroom school library, and/ or computer lab.

Sponsored Schools will receive the following:

• Their own URL (Linkonlearning web address).
• Login access for teacher(s).
• Student Management Area with online real-time reports.
• Login access to online classroom for students.

Sponsors benefit as well.

As a sponsor, you will receive the following:

• A link from the school page to your profile.
• A profile page that outlines your business and who you are.
• A crest and description indicating you are a community literacy supporter that can be printed on your literature and uploaded to your website.
• A web link to your business profile page.
• A press release for your community newspaper.

The profile page will detail the following information:
• Your business and/ or personal profile.
• Your reasons for supporting literacy in your community.
• Your business, products and service.
• Your logo.
• Your contact information.
• The school/ literacy program you are sponsoring.