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Easy and Flexible Creation and Distribution of Learning Material

Creating online content is easy with Linkonlearning. Our years of working with students and educators have taught us the necessity of giving even non-technical users the ability to author content. With Linkonlearning's streamlined approach to content authoring, if a person can use a word processor like Microsoft Word, they can easily create/edit/revise online learning content.

Online Courses, Tests, and Quizzes are created and edited in a word processor and then uploaded into the Linkonlearning system through a special Content Builder Login. The course is then indexed using the Linkonlearning Course Authoring & Content Builder Tool, and rich media content such as videos and sound is added. Pre-developed content such as PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded easily. This method maintains a standard course delivery structure that allows students to focus on learning rather than technology.

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When learning expectations are not effortlessly understood, the learning focus shifts from learning content to learning how the learning system (uniquely functioning course) works. This applies to teachers, managers, and instructors as well. To create a more streamlined approach, Linkonlearning has developed a straightforward process for creating online content that allows for all different kinds of multimedia. Linkonlearning is an assessment-based system that delivers the course material to trainees in a consistent, easy to follow manner.

The system has various user roles and security levels with full audit trails. All course changes and documents are saved in the Linkonlearning system so that there is always the ability to role back to a previous version of the course.