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The Advantages of Online Learning

Online learning has many advantages over the traditional face-to-face model of education for both educators and for learners. Here are some of the key advantages:

Advantages IncludeAdvantages of Online Learning for Learners

Accessibility—Colleges, universities and training centers are not accessible to everyone. Online learning can be made available to learners in communities where there are no local colleges, which ends the need for driving two or more hours to the nearest college or university.

Time—Everyone agrees that time is a precious commodity that must be used wisely. Those who must work, learn and sustain social and family relationships feel stressed by time pressure and time famine. Online learners transform the time it would take to drive to a college to time learning and/or with family.

Advancement—Lifelong learning has become a necessity to employment, advancement and increased earning potential. Online learning offers access to an increased range of information and materials making advancement and education a possibility like never before.

Community—The online environment is a place of community and not one of isolation. Online learners experience a sense of community while they participate in online classes. Online communities develop as learners engage with others, sharing social and emotional experiences and learning.

Variety—Online learning offers a wide variety of approaches to learning that accommodate a wide variety of learners and learning styles.

Flexibility—Online learning can provide a flexible environment that accommodates the needs of its learning community.

Feedback—Online learning provides instant feedback to the learner.

Freedom—The online learning environment is unthreatening. Learners are less embarrassed about making mistakes and therefore classroom participation is greatly enhanced.

Advantages IncludeAdvantages of Online Learning for Educators

Time Management—Online learning saves time spent teaching and marking.

Diagnostics—The built-in diagnostics enable staff to quickly gauge a student’s understanding of the material and note problem areas.

Variety—Online education allows for a variety of teaching methods.

Updates—Training and resource materials can be quickly updated.

Communication—Online training enhances communication between teachers and learners as well as between staff.

Volume—Online training accommodates and caters to larger numbers of students.