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Basic security guard training program

Introduction to Security

This online basic security guard training program, called Introduction to Security, teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to provide an introduction to the exciting world of Security.

Because security guards manage risk, protect assets, and prevent losses, they are an integral part of society. This rapidly expanding industry now provides more career opportunities than ever before.

Unit One: Introduction to Security
Unit Two: Loss Prevention
Unit Three: Canadian Legal Aspects
Unit Four: Human and Public Relations
Unit Five: Ethics and Deportment
Unit Six: Patrols and Fixed Posts
Unit Seven: Report Writing
Unit Eight: Communications
Unit Nine: Fire and Life Safety
Unit Ten: Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
Unit Eleven: Harassment
Unit Twelve: Customer Service

Individual Training Modules
Each unit of training is also available on its own. Mix and match training modules to best suite your needs.
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