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Security Supervisor Leadership Course

This online course is an introduction to leadership and management for Supervisors and would-be Supervisors. It provides the basic knowledge needed to be an effective supervisor and covers practical concepts to ensure that supervisors are well equipped to successfully fill their role, including leadership strategies, positive and negative reinforcement, progressive discipline and more.


Lesson 1 – Introduction
Lesson 2 – The Carrot vs. The Stick
Lesson 3 – Progressive Discipline Guidelines
Lesson 4 – Know Your Staff
Lesson 5 – 3 Styles of Leadership
Lesson 6 – 3 Levels of Loyalty
Lesson 7 – Leadership by Example
Lesson 8 – The Supervisor Role
Unit Test – Supervisor Leadership Training

"This is a must take training course if you are a supervisor in the security industry. The online training is excellent and reinforces the material as you learn it.

The concepts taught in this program are practical concepts that every supervisor should have in their tool belt. I’ve started to implement the methods taught in this training into my daily routine.

I’m finding that the relationships with my staff are improving tremendously, and the all around quality of the security program has increased as a result. My boss and clients have noticed the positive improvements too!"

Tyrone Edwards
Supervisor Leadership Course, Feedback Survey

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