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Arrest Training Course

This online course is an introduction to arrest training for security guards. It is assumed that the learner is already at a more advanced level and understands key concepts in the Introduction to Security Course including Canadian Legal Aspects. Theory learned in Canadian Legal Aspects is reviewed and tied in to law in relation to Arrest.

Lesson 1 – Introduction
Lesson 2 – Definition of ARREST
Lesson 3 – Options to Arrest
Lesson 4 – Powers of Arrest
Lesson 5 – Six steps to a proper Arrest
Lesson 6 – Obligations upon Arrest
Lesson 7 – Arrest and the Charter of Rights and Use of Force
Lesson 8 – Search
Lesson 9 – Positional Asphyxia
Lesson 10 – Excited Delirium
Lesson 11 – Scenario Training
Lesson 12 – Unit Test

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