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Corporate Training Courses
We offer a wide range of training courses including Human and Public Relations, Ethics and Deportment, Communications, Fire and Life Safety, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS), Harassment, Customer Service, and Supervisor Training.
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Security Guard Training
Detailed training that has been specifically created for the Security Guard industry. Training includes an Introduction to Security, Loss Prevention, Canadian Legal Aspects, Report Writing, Arrest Training, Security Supervisor Training, and much more.
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ESL (English Second Language)
Auditory lessons starting at the beginner level teaching basic concepts in Language Arts, Spelling, Reading, Writing and Social Studies. Adult ESL Students learn basic cultural concepts and complete online lessons to become more competent in the basic English Language skills needed to succeed.
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Adult Learning
Courses and testing to ensure adult learners have the basic math and literacy skills that are needed to succeed. We start right at the beginner level and work with all different types of learners - so no matter what level you are starting at, we can create a customized learning plan for you to get you up to speed.
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Live Video Classes
Train online with a live instructor either one-on-one or in a collaborate class setting.
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