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Established over a decade ago, Linkonlearning provides online education and training using Internet-based software and curriculum.

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Established over a decade ago, Linkonlearning Inc. is a technology company that provides e-Learning solutions using Internet-based software and curriculum. Founded as one of North America's first virtual schools, Linkonlearning makes available education and training to students around the world.

Linkonlearning offers over 10,000 Internet-based lessons for pre-kindergarten to 8th grade students, accredited online high school courses, site licences, customized online curriculum, and training and testing to students, schools, institutions, companies and government.

In December 2002, Linkonlearning launched the Ontario Elementary Virtual School as the first of its kind in Canada. The goal of the Linkonlearning elementary program is to help children reach their fullest potential. It is our hope that children will see it as an online home. It provides a safe place for them to do their work as well as relax and have fun, all the while feel completely comfortable in our environment.

In 2003, Linkonlearning expanded its efforts to include software licensing. The development of AZTEC (A-Z Training, Education and Collaboration) began at this time. Through AZTEC, which offers corporate clients and educational facilities customized solutions and full-scale implementations, we aim to assist others in achieving their education and training goals by providing exceptional software and curriculum.

Research is the key to delivering the best online courses possible. Since the beginning, Linkonlearning has invested heavily in scientific research and development (SR&D). A first-class group of innovative experts, including high level software engineers, IT specialists, programmers, graphic designers, teachers and instructors, curriculum experts, and design specialists, etc., have developed Linkonlearning’s highly effective approaches to online learning.

Today, Linkonlearning has a unique market position. With a wide range of expert experience, we have developed tools to assist organizations with the development and deployment of comprehensive e-Learning solutions. What’s more, Linkonlearning provides all of the technology and IT support to deliver an institution’s online learning.

Our mission is to become a global leader in education and training, utilizing technology to its fullest potential. We hope that our positive attitude and love of knowledge will be contagious to the global community.


Our technical team collaborated alongside our 2,000 educators and trainers to develop a statement of values that best reflects Linkonlearning as an organization. Our values are a call to action and reflect our desire to lead the way for positive change, always with unyielding integrity.

We value...

Integrity We strive to earn and sustain trust by doing the following: maintaining consistency between our actions and principles; acting with sincerity, honesty, accountability, and transparency; and honouring our commitments.

Customers We regard our customers’ success is our own success. We seek to be our customer’s valued and trusted partner while striving to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Quality Our goal is to provide the best possible products and services. Since quality is essential, if we are to meet the expectations of our customers, we must work consistently on improving our products and services.

Education Education provides substantial benefits to individuals, business and society. Here are but a few: higher levels of employment, higher lifetime earnings, greater job satisfaction and improved organizational performance. By understanding and combining traditional methods with technology, we aim to assist others in achieving their education and training goals by providing exceptional software and curriculum, utilizing experts in their respective fields.

Innovation Technology offers infinite possibilities to add new value through innovation. We aspire to use and create the best available technologies and methods. We value continual improvement through new ideas, insights and knowledge that we use to constantly anticipate and innovate new and better ways to fulfill our mission.

Communication Communication is central to knowledge creation and sharing. We seek to maintain open communication and to use our collaborative online technologies to produce, disseminate and apply knowledge. We aim to effectively facilitate our customers’ knowledge creation and sharing goals so they can compete in a global knowledge economy.

Service We are proactive, responsive and accessible for all of our clients’ needs. We provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction on products and services offered, continually seeking to exceed expectations. We are a creative and resourceful company that goes the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs.

Individuals, Teamwork & Mutual Support While we value independent thought and strong personal goals, our work is accomplished within teams. To this end, we strive to create an environment of self-reliance, personal initiative, individual responsibility, mutual support and respect, encouragement and teamwork. We seek to create an environment that rewards commitment and performance and is responsive to the needs of our employees and their families.

We are Honest, Passionate, Helpful, and Resourceful. We are a Team that is fully committed to Excellence, Lifelong Learning and Achievement.

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